Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tired of Making No Interest? Sell Your Land for Cash!

There were once safe places called banks for investing your hard earned dollars where you could earn a reputable amount of interest. With most interest bearing accounts maxing out, a lot of people dependent on their interest income are having a harder time making ends meet. While they may still have cash in the bank, that cash is earning them less each day and they are looking for new ways to earn more.
While banks have been slow to recover from the economic drop of 2007 through 2011, there is hope on the horizon for things to look up. It has been a couple of months since the headlines were showered with news of crashing stock markets. A lot of people turned to investing in land as a means to earn more than what the banks could offer. A smart choice, but if that was a choice made in 2007, the time to sell your land for cash may be at hand.
Holding onto land would obviously be the smarter choice if you have the financial ability to do so, but if you need to recover some of the interest income you have lost over the last few years selling your land for cash is a great hassle free way to recover some losses.
As you likely learned when you were buying your land, investors that pay cash for land won’t be offering you top dollar for your parcel. However those investors are about the only people buying land for sale right now and are the smartest option available. Most will pay around 60% of market value and you should be able to make a profit on your land sale if you bought low originally.
If you are at the other end of the spectrum and have money that you need to invest, then buying land for cash is still an excellent investment option. The value of land will continue to rise due to the simple laws of supply and demand. If you purchase land from investors you will likely get a great deal enabling you to make more when it comes time to sell down the road.

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