Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Better Your Financial Situation

In towns across the nation, tax time is rapidly approaching. That time of year when we get hit not only with our federal and state income taxes, but with property taxes and inheritance taxes too. With the already troubled economy, more and more households are looking for ways to get fast cash to ease their financial burdens.

With the chances of winning the lottery becoming fewer, especially as the money to buy a ticket becomes scarcer, hard times like these require less risky courses of action. When things get tough enough, most households will start liquidating their assets, but do you know the first thing that should go?

For obvious reasons, you should try to eliminate any debt incurring expenses. If possible, ditch the car with monthly payments and pay outright for a vehicle. Sell extra items around the home like televisions and electronics because really, having only one will be okay. Eliminate luxuries like cable and multiple cell phone plans or switch to a basic cell plan without all the texting, video watching and game playing. Another option is to sell outgrown and unused belongings on eBay. Any passive income that you can generate is going to help ease the burden of this money gobbling time of year.

This is also an opportune time to sell vacant land to investors. Many families have vacant land that was purchased during stronger economic times or may have been passed down through the family tree. Regardless of how the vacant land was acquired, there are investors ready to pay cash for it. Not cash five or six months down the road, but cash in the next two to three weeks and while you may not get top market dollar for your vacant land, you will get hassle-free, quick cash with no closing costs, title fees or commissions to be paid.

Most importantly, know that you are not alone. Millions of people around the country are struggling financially just like you. Your choice is to be the smart one who makes decisions that will better your financial situation. Make the choice to live simply and sell your vacant land for cash.

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