Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Immediate Cash for Your Land

Plenty of property owners are looking for ways to make money fast. With lowered interest rates on savings accounts and 401K savings dwindling due to the market collapse, people have to get more creative to get the cash they need to sustain their comfortable lifestyles and others just need cash to put food on the table.
There are plenty of reasons for someone to sell vacant land to investors instead of trying to sell on the traditional real estate market. Many sellers don’t want to deal with the hassles of paperwork. Others don’t want to deal with buyers who default before the deal is closed wasting time and valuable resources. And still others simply need that lump of cash to fund something from a business venture or medical needs to sending a child to college or to stay afloat during a layoff or job loss.
There are plenty of investors who will be willing to make you an offer on your property if they deem it potentially profitable. Many investors are also ready to pay cash for land and will handle all the details associated with closings, titles and lenders. Due to these services and the nature of inflation, land investors are going to want to buy your land at a discount.
How much of a discount you may ask? It will largely depend on the value of your vacant land. That is the market value and most investors purchase at around 60% of market value. Some points to note about investors are that there should never be a charge to get a quote for cash for your land. If someone tries to charge you, don’t do business with them. Additionally, most investors will provide a cash quote for your land in writing with no obligations attached.
The reasons for selling your land for cash are your own. If you have the time to wait on the traditional market to deliver top dollar for your land, then it is in your best interest to wait for the real estate market to recover and then sell. But if you need fast cash, don’t wait. Contact a land investor now and sell your land for cash; fast and hassle free.

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