Friday, July 9, 2010

Own Vacant Land and Have An Empty Bank Account?

Owning vacant land is the American dream for many. That part of the American spirit that symbolizes freedom. Or it may be family heritage handed down generation to generation. It can also be an opportunity for investment. In every dream though, there is reality.
These current economic times are reality for many of us. Are you having a hard time making ends meet each month? Maybe you’ve lost your job or had a cut in pay? Recent health conditions have caused medical bills to mount? Is the mortgage payment, taxes, insurance on house and car, utilities and just day to day expenses more than your income?
So now that vacant land you purchased for investment or as a possible retirement place or maybe you inherited it has become more of a burden. Now you are paying taxes and upkeep on top of everything else. Is your vacant land just sitting there unused and costing you money for taxes and upkeep? Give us a call today!
Why should you sell your land through us? We have a network of buyers that offer you:
1. Fast Cash
2. Fast Closing
3. Loose The Property Tax
4. Gain Tax Advantages
5. No Realtors Involved
6. No fees, commissions or other charges
Today is the day to take that piece of vacant land you own and make some fast money! Get fast cash today will help you with your financial problems tomorrow! Just one call to us today and we will have a buyer in contact with you before the next bill comes in the mail. They will be offering you fast cash with a fast closing. It doesn’t matter how you came to own the land or why you want to sell the land.
Stop paying taxes and upkeep on something you’re not using or benefiting from anymore! Turn that useless land into green for your bank account! We have a network of buyers that are ready to hand over cash and we’ll handle all the details. You make one call, we do the work and you get the cash!

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