Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Turn Your Vacant Land Into Cash!

You purchased a piece of land a few years back with a plan in mind. Maybe to build the home you would retire in or maybe for your family’s summer camping trips. Or maybe you came into the land by inheritance. At the time, you were excited to be a land owner. After all, that is the American Dream right, owning a piece of land that could just sit there and grow in appreciation and value? All you had to do was pay taxes on it and keep it mowed.

Things have changed now and you need to turn this vacant land in to immediate cash. Possibly your 401k has bottomed out and you need the money to pay for your child’s college tuitions now. Or you have lost your job and just the standard daily and monthly expenses are becoming overwhelming. A health condition could be adding medical bills to your already overwhelming financial stress. Paying taxes and maintaining the upkeep on this vacant land has become a burden and headache now.

You’ve tried to sell this land on your own by placing that “For Sale By Owner” signs on the property and running some ads in the local newspaper. However, you haven’t had the right buyer come by with the right amount of cash. You are strapped for cash and need to sell this land, what can you do? Call us!

Your reason doesn’t matter to us. We will find you a buyer that will offer you cash and the opportunity to unload that land that’s just sitting there doing nothing. We know that people acquire land and may have had a specific plan in mind. We also know that the current economic times have made many do things they never thought they would have to just to keep their head above water. We have built a network of investors that have cash and want to purchase vacant land just like yours.

One call to us and we do all the work. We find the buyer. The buyer makes you a fair cash offer for your vacant land. You won’t have any worries with closing costs, title insurance or commissions that are usually associated with the transaction of selling land. You then just sit back and upon closing receive the cash that will start easing your financial worries! It’s that simple!

So take a deep breath and know that your financial stress is about to be eased! One call to us will find you the cash buyer for that vacant land that has become an albatross.

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