Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Need To Sell My Farmland Fast!

Did you inherit some farmland a few years ago, congratulations! Now you’re unemployed and strapped for cash? The bills are mounting, bankruptcy is around the corner and the taxes are coming due on that inherited farmland. Oh yeah, you need to have it mowed again too. What are you going to do?

Sell that farmland for cash! We have a network of real estate investors that are looking for all types of land. And they have cash on hand and want a quick closing. Call us and let us match you up with a real estate investor from our network and save you those headaches. Our real estate investors recognize the value in land and want to pay you a fair cash price.

Raw land, commercial lot, beach lot, any type of land, we have buyers ready to make you a deal. If you’re strapped for cash today, one call to us you’ll have an experienced real estate investor in touch with you by tomorrow. Is this too good to be true? No! There’s even more to look forward to after selling that farmland.

• No more property taxes on something you don’t even use
• No more upkeep and maintenance for that gift
• No more worries about vandalism

Our real estate investors don’t want to waste time with the usual process. Just like you want to get a cash offer and a quick close, our real estate investors want to make you a cash offer and have a quick closing too. There are no real estate commissions or fees to be paid like you would with a realtor either. We do all the work, you get all the cash.

Yes, the economy is still in a slump, but we have the buyers with cash in our real estate network that help your personal economy today!

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