Monday, October 12, 2009

How Fast Cash Home Sales Offer Aid for Homeowners

Between the rising unemployment rates, declining economy and stricter lending practices, it is getting harder and harder for sellers to find buyers for their properties. Many buyers are either unable to qualify for a mortgage or are still weary of investing in real estate, so even when you have a equitable property for sale, you still aren’t getting any bites. Placing your house on the traditional real estate market for full “market value” can mean a long wait with no leads and often times, no sale at the end of a long selling season.
For many sellers, a fast cash home sale is a more appropriate game plan for selling a property. Most cash home sales are offered by real estate investors and investment groups. When you sell your house for cash, you can expect a speedy closing process, no additional losses due to realtor commissions and cash in hand to move forward with your life plans.
Sellers generally pay a commission to realtors for marketing their properties through the multiple listing service and other real estate advertising avenues. This commission can cost the seller a portion of their profits from the sale, not a pretty prospect when it is money that you need and that is why you are selling. If you list your house as “for sale by owner” and seek out real estate investors who are willing to purchase your house for cash, you can eliminate this additional profit loss due to commissions.
The best part of dealing with cash real estate investors is that the process of selling your home is fast. Closing generally happens within weeks instead of months. As a seller, you don’t have to wonder if your buyer’s financing is going to fall through or if you are going to have to negotiate for days over repairs. Most cash home buyers will purchase properties in “as-is” condition and they already have the cash available to purchase your home.
Most sellers quickly realize that the market is flooded with properties and they aren’t expensive ones either. Between the high number of foreclosure properties and REO properties hitting the traditional real estate market, one has to work pretty hard to make their home out shine the competition. Or you can take the easy road and sell your property quickly to a cash real estate investor.
It is always important to investigate any company who offers to buy your house fast for cash. Take the time to review their website and be sure that they are offering a legitimate solution to your problem. If there website only offers sales pitches, it is likely that this is not the right cash home buying company to go with. There are several reputable companies and private cash investors out there, make sure you don’t fall for a real estate scam by asking lots of questions and getting your offer in writing.

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