Monday, October 5, 2009

Avoiding Real Estate Scams

With the declining economy and more people being forced out of their jobs and homes there has also been an increase in the number of cash home buying networks that offer a viable alternative to foreclosure for homeowners that are facing the credit disaster. Many home owners that have fallen behind on their mortgage payments are feeling the pressure and all too often they allow themselves to become desperate to sell their house fast to stop foreclosure. It is very important, if you find yourself in this position to keep a clear head and be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate home buying business and not falling for another real estate scam.
The best way to avoid the sell my house fast for cash scam is to take the time to research the company you are considering dealing with. A website that is filled with fluff and sales pitches is a company that doesn’t show their knowledge and experience in dealing with fast cash home purchases. Another indication would be if the website only talks about how they can buy your house fast for cash, but doesn’t fully disclose their process of purchasing whether it is by working with private cash investors or just rehab and resale cash home buyers.
It is also a sign of a potential scam if a company contacts you about your situation, before you contact them. There are many unsavory companies that buy houses fast that have employees who do nothing but search public records looking for their next victim.
Remember legal businesses must be registered within their respective state and business license should be on file with the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue or some other registrar office. It is a good idea to check consumer complaint websites regarding your company choice for buying your house fast for cash. The Better Business Bureau provides consumer reports at
Buy a house fast for cash businesses are not always underhanded or questionable and when you find the right one, it will offer a true distressed property solution, honestly and be forthcoming about their process and how they use private cash investors and cash home buyers to make fast home purchases that can stop foreclosure. Don’t fall for the next real estate scam. With a little research and by taking the time to investigate the company you are dealing with, you can sell your house fast for cash.


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    One of the most common types of buy houses for cash scams allows the buyer of the home to make off with most or all of your equity. It begins with you transferring your home's deed to the buyer. The buyer may then have you make payments to him instead of the mortgage company, or he may have you move out so he can begin renting out the house.

  2. Thank you Alvin and what you say is very true. There are far too many scams that it makes it hard for legitimate businesses like our own to gain our customer's trust, but we won't give up. We have a solution that is not a scam. We know our investors. Thank you for your comments.

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