Sunday, March 2, 2014

Top Reasons Why People Sell Their Home

Home owners sell their houses for a variety of reasons. Some people who have lived in one place for 20 to 30 years often wonder about this. Let’s take a look at why people sell their house.

People sell their houses if they want to upgrade or downgrade their property. Upgrading is applicable to a growing family. When they first bought the house and there is just the two of them, one-bedroom house is just enough. And then they grow in numbers; they now have babies and pets and they realized that they needed a bigger house. So, they sell the smaller house in exchange for a bigger and better one. On the other side of the coin; as their children found a family of their own, they are back to being just the two of them. Hence, the reason for selling their house.

Some people sell their house not because they want to, but because they have to. Change in job location can move people to sell. When it is more expensive to keep the old house and rent another one near the working place, it seems logical to sell. People sell when they do not want to spend hours commuting to and from work.

Personal relationship is one of the common reasons why people sell. If each of the couple owned a home prior to getting married, they would want to sell and buy a new house together. On the other hand, divorce or separation causes the couple to sell because they want to get rid of the bad memories including the house that they once lived in.

Change in neighborhood is also a major factor why people sell. When they first move into a certain place, it was once a quiet place. And then, it changes over time. Their neighbors started to receive visitors at 2 AM or maybe there is a new freeway constructed nearby.

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