Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sell Your Home Online

Traditionally, when we buy shoes we go to a shopping mall for stores that sell shoes. We go there personally to try and see if the shoes fit. Today, people buy shoes online without even trying them first. The introduction of Internet makes it easier to buy anything online, even houses.

A good number of real estate purchases come from buyers who have never been into an open house. How do these people see themselves in the new house if they have not even seen the house in person? This is made possible by the profusion of great technology providing the buyer with an experience that is similar to visiting the property in person.

Here are a few tips on how to bring buyers into your house virtually:

Google Street view can help. It allows your buyers to feel like they are walking on the street of their future home. Direct your buyers to Google Maps and look your address up; they can investigate the surroundings from a remote location without having to leave from the comfort of their home.

Create a community video and post it on your website. Community videos will show your buyers what it is like to live in your area. Highlight the location and amenities that might entice people to live there. For example, if you live near a shopping mall, create a video showing the shopping mall and how easy it is for the local residents to go shopping and relax.

Create a Facebook account. Facebook is perhaps the most used social media site today. In Facebook, not only that you can post pictures and upload videos of your house, you can also interact with your prospective buyers in real time. Buyers are more incline to make an offer if they feel that they are being accommodated right away. And being able to reach you, asked questions, and get an answer via Facebook is a great way to show them that you care.

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