Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sell Your Home Fast

In tough real estate market where supply is greater than demand, a home owner can sell his house faster generally by lowering down its asking price. However, you can still make money by doing the alternatives of reducing the asking price. 

Standout from the rest. To attract attention of potential buyers, differentiate your house from the rest by doing little but not so costly renovations. You can improve the landscape, repaint the interior, or change the stained window glass. These little improvements can make a great deal in adding value to your home. However, do not overdo the renovation. Some renovations may not what the buyers’ need and will likely be taken for granted.

Get the price right. It is enticing to set the asking price as high as possible but you have to remember that the right asking price is what the buyers are willing to pay. You can hire an assessor to gauge your house’s market value or you can run a comparable study by checking the houses for sale in your area and how much are they. To differentiate from the rest, price your house slightly lower than the comparable houses nearby.

Be systematic. Prepare all the documents that are relevant to the house. These can be repairs receipt, electrical and gas certificates, tax papers, and any other related documents. Buyers should be made aware of the house’s situation and these papers will give them a peace of mind.

Choose the right marketing. Spreading the word is the key to reach potential buyers. The effort you invest in renovation and staging your house will be put to waste if buyers do not know that your house is up for sale. Hire the right agent or use the proven marketing tips.

Sell to private investor. Unlike traditional house selling, private investors offer a quick and guaranteed sale. Private investor such as Lucas Properties buys houses with cash; they buy houses as is. 

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