Sunday, March 30, 2014

Home Selling: Documents Required to Sell a House

The paper works needed to sell a house by owner are the same as those needed when the owner hire a realtor. There might be a slight difference depending on where you are located, but the basic documents are still needed.

The owner or seller is required to provide specific types of documents before the sale otherwise he can lose a buyer or face a legal action after the sale.

·         Sales Contract
  • This is common in all the states. Regardless of where you from, real estate or purchase contract is required. It serves as the legal binding between the seller and the buyer which contains all the terms of the deal. It will list the purchase price, when the sale happens, if and when the buyer will inspect the house, if the house is sold as is, and when the buyer can occupy the property.
·         Title Documents
  •  All buyers require this document. This will show that title to the property is clear of any legal disputes and can be transferred to the buyer. A seller can hire a title company to arrange for the transfer of title once the sale is closed.
·         Lead Paint Disclosure
  • This form is required if your house was built before 1978. It will include a lead paint warning and a statement signifying that you have complied with all the lead requirements and cautions.
·         Property Disclosure
  • This document will inform buyers about any defects of your property such as damaged roof, leaking water faucet, or a presence of mold.

As soon as you have prepared all the documents, you can now focus on attracting buyers. And there is no faster way to sell your house than selling it to private investors.

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