Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Truths about Buyers that Home Sellers Must Know

You might wonder why your house is not selling despite your marketing efforts. As a seller, it is important that you view your property as a buyer. There is no better way to counter every prospect’s demands and criticisms than to put yourself “in his shoes.”

Let’s examine the most common things that prospecting buyers hate about listings they see. By doing so, you will be equipped with knowledge on how to respond to or sidestep those issues.

Buyers shop around before deciding which property they will purchase in the future. And when they do, they are comparing your house to the others in the market. Overpriced properties tend to have a negative effect on buyers. Either they will go to the next listing with similar features as yours but priced competitively, or they will wait for price reduction because they like your house but think it too expensive.

Little Malfunctions
Before you advertise your home in the market, you have made preparations such as make sure the vents are working, have the floors refinished or the walls repainted, fix the plumbing system, etc. This is all good however; prospects won’t be checking these things at least until inspections.

On their first visit, what they will do is:

  •  Flick light switches
  • Open/close closet or cupboards
  •  Smell non-existent odors
  • Hold the hand rails as they walk up the stairs

When you think that these items are less important and less expensive to fix, they are more noticeable to buyers. And when they see these things, they are incline to think that the whole house is rickety.

Clutters and Personal Belongings
Dirt, messes, and array of personal belongings are as distracting as the little malfunctions. Few messes are enough to distract a buyer which he will fail to see what is so good about your home.

Staging your home or lack thereof can make or break the sale. No time for all of these? Fortunately, you can sell your home as is to private investors. Lucas Properties, a private investor, buys lands, apartments, houses, and commercial complex with cash. They offer competitive market price in a quick and hassle-free transaction.

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