Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sell My House Fast: Auction vs Private Investor

The popularity of selling items at an auction is increasing. At an auction, you can buy household items, electronic gadgets, clothes, food, and even houses. As an owner, you would want to sell your house at the highest possible price with the least amount of hassle. But what is the best option? 

The advantages of selling your house at an auction are fast sale, financial security, and variation of buyers. Different kinds of buyers are gathered together in one day and they have the same intent, which is buying your house for whatever their reasons. These buyers will bid against each other driving the selling price up. Auction will give you a sense of financial security because once the gravel falls down, you have a closed deal. The winner or the buyer will face undesirable penalties if he can’t complete the sale. The buyers are also aware of the rules so they are more likely to finish the deal than pay the penalties. The average lead time that your house is sold at an auction is 30 days. All you have to do is register with an auction house and the auction will take place in a month after that. 

Impressive, isn't it? This is really good considering you are having a one-on-one with one buyer. But since an auction is a gathering of multiple buyers, you can’t do anything but watch the buyers as they compete against each other. Note that the highest bidder should meet your reserve price otherwise your house will be passed in and you need to start all over again.

The sure way to getting the highest asking price at the least amount of worry is to sell to a private property investor. Lucas Properties LLC, a private investor, buys lands and houses with cash. You can be sure to have a complete deal within seven days of accepting their offer.


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