Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Sell a Flawed Apartment

When you are trying to sell an apartment, your target buyers will be students and working individuals who are looking for a cheaper living quarter. No matter how bad the economic situation is you can still find buyers for your apartment which is in desperate need of repair. While you can’t hide the imperfections of your apartment, you can put it in a different perspective. The following are some of the tips on how to address the less desirable aspects of your apartment.

Poor Lighting or No Light An apartment with good lighting can be sold for a much higher price so this can be a good reason to entice your buyer to get the apartment at a lesser cost. You can stage your apartment to have lots of indoor light sources and paint the interior with bright colors.
Far from the Subway or Transportation Price your apartment correctly so the affordability can make up for the lack of conveniences in your apartment. Three blocks to the train station can be a good exercise anyway.

Pest Infestations Pests such as bed bugs are very common and if your apartment has had an infestation, you should inform your potential buyers. Let the buyer inspect the building; consider putting an escrow account to offset future extermination costs.

Need of Small Repairs You can list the repairs that needed to be done and the expected cost and remind the buyers that the price reflects the imperfections.

However, with all your good intentions and pricing your apartment way below the fair market value, your apartment is still not selling. You have no money to initiate repairs and stage the apartment. What to do and where will you go? Good news is you can sell your apartment to Lucas Properties LLC. They are a private property investor who specializes in buying properties in any condition so there’s no need to do repairs. They pay in cash so you will have your much needed money. Contact them now and get help immediately.

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