Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You CAN Sell Your Raw Land

There are many reasons as to why landowners choose to sell their land. Personal and financial reasons often play a large role in making the decision to sell; however, changes in land laws, too, have had their fair share of the determining factor and have left many unaware of how to unload the newest burden of being a landowner. While most of the perks from owning raw land vary with the type of land possessed, the drawback most often is in keeping up with the legalities and financial responsibilities. So, what’s the first step towards selling your land in a slow market? Some would say that you simply have to bear down, practice patient, and be steadfast in your goal. But, assuming that your level of determination doesn’t falter during that plan, what’s the new plan if weeks and months go by without an offer being given you? Well, it’s quite simple. If you have land to sell, go to someone that you’re certain is looking to buy.

Land investors are specifically focused on purchasing raw land of all types. Whether it is urban, suburban, or rurally located, there is a land investor interested in purchasing your land. In most cases, the cash offer for your land will range from 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land. This might work best for you if you’re in need of a distressed property solution, have no use for your land, and need cash fast. Lucas Properties LLC is a private land investor who, additionally, offers a guaranteed seven day closing. And, as a knowledgeable expert in raw land sales, successfully closes deals while eliminating closing costs, fees, liens, and debts on the behalf of landowners. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to sell your land where you only benefit, fill out and submit the informational form under the We Buy Land tab.

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