Friday, March 9, 2012

The Business of Forestlands

Numerous landowners of forestlands have been victims of unconscionable timber buyers when leasing their land for the purpose of timber harvesting; even, by individual loggers and timber companies. Though most people whose careers are stapled in the timber industry are good, hardworking folks, there has recently been a wave of unethical practices among those whose level of integrity proves to be the least. With a wide range of product types and pricing variables, the business of timber can be somewhat complicated; which, leaves a gap open for the less moral to slip under the radar and make questionable and ‘con artist like’ deals with less knowledgeable landowners. That is why is vital to be educated and consistently conformed about changes in the timber industry that can affect your options to lease your land. A simple solution of enlisting the help of a true and reputable Consulting Forester to manage the business of all things happening in regards to your land might be the key to peace of mind for you. In the meantime, here are a few pertinent points to remember when making business deals:

Know that a Consulting Forester might offer a free consultation; however, legitimate professionals who are working for you and for your best interest will charge for additional services. There is a great chance that anyone who offers to manage the details of your land for free is being paid by someone else and is working on behalf of someone else (a sawmill or a logging company, for example). Beware that they are probably up to something sneaky!

Don’t succumb to high pressure to sell your timber. Fear tactics have worked the best in the past with the agenda to swindle landowners into making deals. Rest assured that if someone solicits you and diagnoses your timber as being worthless while at the same time being willing to buy it from you, there is only one response that you should give. Say, “Thanks but, no thanks!” and give the quickest goodbye that you can give. If it’s possible that your timber is in fact bug filled, disease filled, or quickly losing value for some reason, consult with three trustworthy professionals to get a proper diagnosis and solution that will best benefit you.

Always have a lawyer review the contracts that you hope to make before you sign them. No matter how knowledgeable you are, it never hurts to have a legal professional guiding you through the process of your business deal. Additionally, your lawyer will do research on the actual company that you plan to do business with, via methods and resources that you may not have access to. This will help to weed out the imposters while protecting your property and your finances.

Finally, if you’re a landowner of forestland(s) who is all together leery of the doing business in the timber industry and seek to sell your land, contact Lucas Properties LLC for further details on how to sell your land.

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