Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips on Selling Raw Land

Raw land is more difficult to appraise because it is more difficult to sell and finance. So, before you sell your raw land, you need to measure all uncertainties associated with undeveloped land that bring the price down. You need to conduct entitlement approvals, soils studies, engineering, financing and permits for building anything on your land. You can estimate the associated cost and timelines.
However, the entitlement process can take years to complete. If you don’t have time to wait that long, you can do soil studies. Get a professional planner that could prepare a land use analysis. The analysis could include identifying the zoning parameters and opinions what should be approved on the site. This way, buyers can confidently invest in your land by gauging risk and gain.
The buyers who don’t have entitlements often choose to sell under an option. They usually set a price based on certain anticipated developments. The property is usually locked up with an option during the entitlement process. If your entitlement process gets approved then you can sell your property at the anticipated price and if it fails, you can negotiate your property price down.
As you can see from all of the above selling tips for your raw land, the process may be difficult. The simple and easiest way to sell your raw land is to private land investors like Lucas Properties, llc. Lucas Properties provide distressed property solutions that provide the best way out of your financial troubles. You can sell your raw land in a very quick manner. Just go to the website and find the form. Fill it out and hit the submit button to get the best quote for your raw land today!

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  1. Raw land is land that has not been developed or used for any purpose..yes you are right that one thing doesn't come good with this is..It is difficult to obtain traditional financing..before you buy raw land..Get the most recent and valid information available on all this raw land buying thing..