Saturday, August 20, 2011

All Grown Up… And Selling Your Raw Land!

Growing older and becoming a parent changes your physical attributes, life perspective, and financial goals. If you were the type of person who loved to hang out with friends, stay out all night and eat cold pizza for breakfast, parenthood has probably turned you into a completely different person. Today, you’re probably someone who hangs out regularly at the toddler park—the hip and happening spot—and calls it a night at eight-thirty when your kids fall out pooped from a fun-filled day of cartoons and trips to the potty. Instead of using your funds for a grossly overpriced pair of shoes (the cutest and most fabulous pair, by the way) or an expensive upgrade to your car’s stereo system, you discover that you find a great sense of accomplishment and responsibility for directing your thoughts and your cash towards life insurance policies, college funds and investment portfolios. Somehow, you have learned the discipline of doing without—not necessarily because you have to but because you want to. You want to leave an inheritance to your children and your grandchildren that will either match or far surpass the state of the financial life you experienced growing up.

One of the ways that you can do this is to sell your unused or unwanted assets towards reaching a financial goal; a goal to invest more in the stock market or to start a wedding fund to pay for your child’s future nuptials, for example. You might even endeavor to jumpstart a retirement fund for their child while he or she is still in diapers. And while this may seem unreasonable to some, there is no financial goal that you can’t achieve without the right planning and making the right moves.

So, What Can You Sell?
People all over are selling unused or unwanted collector’s items, jewelry, clothing and shoes, electronics, boats and automobiles, homes, and land; including raw land that is beach front, lakefront or no front at all! That’s vacant lots, farmlands, ranches, and hunting grounds, too. A plethora of valuable merchandise on one level or another.

Sit down and assess what of your assets you wouldn’t mind or would even feel blessed to do without. For example, owning an acre of land in a rural community may seem like a treasure on paper but, in actuality, the liens you owe on it never fail to turn your smile into a frown, the property taxes threaten to put a dent in your pocketbook (which is the very opposite of what you’re trying to achieve), and the sheer energy that it takes to maintain is something you lose every time your bundle of joy wakes like clockwork at 3am… every night. So, if your empty square footage of heaven isn’t really all that heavenly for you, you might want to consider selling it. For expert advice and a cash offer on your land, contact Lucas Properties LLC for more details.

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