Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sell Your Land to a Private Land Investor

Some might say that finding a good private land investor to sell your raw land to is a daunting task. Their speculation exists because most of these experts will not offer you more than 5%-25% of the fair market value of your land. In any other forum, that might seem like a disadvantageous deal. But, fortunately, there are more advantages to this type of sale than meets the eye.

No Waiting
Your wait time to sell your land is limited. When selling to a private land investor like Lucas Properties, LLC, for example, seven is the number of days you’ll wait to close on the sale of your land. This is beneficial because many people have waited six months or more for the right potential buyer to become interested enough to make an offer on their raw land when listed on the MLS. With a fast closing date, you can take your profit and take care of your needs as soon as possible.

No Closing Costs to Pay
You will not be charged for the cost or expense of closing and transferring the title deed to your land. Besides, the basic expenses charged for closing, sometimes buyers ask for the seller to pay a partial percentage of their closing cost. With this type of sale, you don’t incur any out-of-pocket expense.

No Property Taxes or Liens to Pay
Upon closing, you are no longer responsible to pay past or future property taxes. Nor are you responsible to pay liens. These bills will be paid for you, and your name will be cleared of these debts owed.

Cash Payment
You’ll receive a cash payment for the settlement of the sale of your land. That’s money that you can instantly use to pay medical expenses, household bills, or purchase everyday necessities.

Remember that, when weighing the pros and cons between which private land investor to sell your land to, (at least) these things should be a priority on your list of must-have benefits. That way, you’ll come through your sale with a testimony that others will greatly appreciate.

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