Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It’s the Perfect Time to Sell Your Raw Land!

It’s time for Fall Cleaning! Yes, the sister to every household’s Spring Cleaning weekend is fast approaching. With the first day of school drawing nearer, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting rid of the old and starting fresh with the new. Your plans might include the obvious: clean out the kids’ closets of all they’ve outgrown, evaluate whether or not you’ll need a new pair of winter boots, and chuck that old sun faded summer wreath that dressed your front door all of those days that you were happy you had a pool (or a nearby water park).

For some people, cleaning in preparation for a new season is going to go far beyond sweeping out the attic and stocking up on school supplies. It’s going to be a cleaning of their life—of bad relationships, old paperwork, expired condiments and any and everything that might hinder them from moving forward anew. Some people are going to get out of their junk cars (though, they were always grateful to get from point A to point B) and into shiny new automobiles. Some people are going to sell their too small houses that can no longer hold their growing families, and settle into spacious new digs. Others are going to sell boats that sit lonely at an isolated dock and others are going to let go of the empty, vacant land itself that is home to said dock.

With everything—big or small—you have to have a plan. And, whether you know it or not, some plans can be simpler to implement than you ever imagined. If you are the kind of person who thinks that selling your raw land, for example, is a complicated feat, there is good news for you. To take the sting out of negotiations and paperwork, a good private land investor can ease your anxieties and your fears by taking on your efforts as her own and expertly handling all of the red tape for you. She will offer you 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land, and offer you a closing date within seven days’ time—this virtually eliminates the wait time that you would have if you sold your land traditionally on the real estate market. Plus, she would pay your liens, property taxes, closing costs and fees associated with the sale; even, pay you cash in hand so that you can quickly get about the business of the rest of your Fall Cleaning. And, perhaps your annual fall shopping spree or your advance Christmas shopping.

For more details on how you can sell your raw land quickly and hassle free, contact Lucas Properties LLC for expert advice.

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