Friday, July 8, 2011

Moved Too Far from Your Family Farm? Sell Your Farmland Fast for Cash!

It’s a joy growing up on a family farm. Waking to the most visible sunrises and settling down to the most awe inspiring sunsets. Indulging in the serenity of quietness that eludes city streets and urban settings. Being accustomed to the simplicity of life and, yet, learning the value of hard work at the same time. But, now that you’re all grown up with a family of your own, the dynamics of your family life may have shifted to the surroundings of city skylines and suburban avenues. If you’re an empty nester, for example, you may have already decided that it’s your time to relax and steer away from the major responsibilities of country or rural living. And it’s from your condo in Florida or your new, comfortable one level home situated down the street from your growing grandchildren that you’re at odds about what to do with your family’s farmland. If it isn’t possible to grow crops or keep the family farm operational due to financial or manpower constraints, you might want to consider keeping the family home that is on the land but selling the farmland around it. It could be a good idea to turn your childhood home into a family retreat by keeping a reasonable amount of lot space for a privacy fence, front yard and backyard space, and garden or pool space.

If the thought of selling your farmland seems like a daunting task—whether you own a little of it or a lot of it—it doesn’t have to be. Whereas the popular option, in the past, had been to enlist the help of a real estate agent for a proper sale, the most appealing option, these days, is to contact a private land investor. A private land investor is someone who will assess your land and offer you 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land while paying all expenses that you owe on the land and for the transaction itself. This is a good option for you if you desire a quick sale of your land. And, too, it’s a good idea if you already owe property taxes or liens that you’ve had trouble (or foresee having trouble) paying—it could be a distressed property solution for you and can get you out of (or keep you out of) the red! One of the best private land investors out there is Lucas Properties LLC. As caring professionals, you’ll find that they will meet your need for a distressed property solution in a fast, efficient manner; that is, so that you can get back to the business of enjoying your today and your tomorrow!

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