Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Sell Your Raw Land by Avoiding Pitfalls

There are two things that are needed by an owner selling raw land; motivation and willingness to do some work. Buyers usually see the geographic and economic feasibility of the land. Some of the buyers are only looking for the geographic position of raw land because they have some plans in their mind.
The buyer investigation typically includes the accessibility and availability to current zoning, challenging physical features and access to public utilities. They evaluate your raw land in their own context because they have to decide whether to buy the raw land or not. They ask you some basic questions such as current zoning of your raw land such as twins, row and single family.
The value if the land is also based on the value of sale. They want to compile information about, your land in the sense of sale price, features and amenities. If you want to sell your land at higher price, you should collect and provide information to your customers.
In these hard economic times, selling land demands care and diligence. Don’t ever sell your land in a rash decision. If you have pressure around you, don’t make any decision in a rush. You should think without any pressure because this decision changes you forever.
You need to follow due process in order to avoid legal proceedings. Make sure you have cleared everything between you and your customer. Land is important property. You may have to sell your land because of personal reasons and have only a short time to do it in. If you want to sell your land and need faster cash, you should contact Lucas Properties LLC to learn about their distressed property solutions today. It is as simple as completing their online form and they deliver you a cash quote for your land.

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