Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got Land! Get Cash!

If you were to ask, “Who could use some extra money?” the show of hands would be record breaking. You wouldn’t be able to number the waving, wiggling fingers that would shoot up into the air hoping to grab your attention—just in case you were feeling particularly generous that day. Most people can honestly say that, with decreasing interest rates on some 401Ks and other financial accounts plus the rising cost of everyday necessities, a little extra cash would definitely come in handy. Acquainted with comforts and having an admirable habit of planning ahead for the future, most parents and even non baby-boomers alike are smart enough to know that cash on hand for life’s necessities and emergencies is a remarkable convenience. And sometimes, too, a life saver.

One of the ways that people locate extra money in their life is by selling their raw land. In a lot of cases, they do so because a need arises and the cost to fill that need doesn’t fit within their present budget. Well, whether it is a daughter’s wedding set to take place one year from now, a pile of medical bills from your recent extended stay at the local hospital, or a need to supplement income after a job loss, selling your unused land could be an ideal solution for you and your family.

Selling directly to a buyer or, a private land investor is the most beneficial method to use if you’re looking to cut or eliminate the costs of assessing, preparing, and selling your land. The hassles associated with paperwork, plus the time and energy needed to be successful would be the responsibilities of an expert land investor like Lucas Properties LLC. For example, this company will make you an offer for your raw land and settle your agreement with an all-cash deal complete within seven days’ time. Additionally, they will help you transfer ownership of your title, pay your property taxes, liens, and closing costs. Now, that’s good news. Take a moment to fill out the information form in the We Buy Land tab and you can have the cash you need in your hand in no time.

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