Friday, July 22, 2011

The Benefits of Selling Your Raw Land to a Private Investor

Using a private land investor to sell your raw land to could be a good solution for you. While taking advantage of the convenience of cutting out the middle man that is a broker or real estate agent, you could save yourself the money that it would take to pay out a commission; which means that you would get the full negotiated price for your land. And that is always good.
Whereas, otherwise, it would be your responsibility to pay off liens, property taxes, and other expenses associated with your unused land, a good private land investor like Lucas Properties LLC would cover all costs for you. Now, that’s a bonus that everyone can fall in love with. A land investor has expansive knowledge about assessing land and transferring land titles--you can be sure that all the I’s will be dotted and all of the T’s will be crossed. And, too, details such as buyer demographics, utility accessibility to your land, and soil type, for example, wouldn’t be your responsibility to know. However, the one caveat of choosing this now popular method is that you will not gain profit from your land at full market value. That’s partly due to the rising cost of inflation. But, at 5% to 25% of the price of your land’s fair market value in your bank account, you could count it to be a substantial profit—especially, if you’re accustomed to not using your land and it’s been costing you money that you don’t really have.
So, if you’re looking to sell your land, if you’re looking for a quick closing date, and you’re looking for cash now, weigh your options and consider the benefits of selling your land to a private land investor. Be it farmland, a vacant lot, or waterfront property, all land has value and all land is profitable.

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