Friday, June 24, 2011

We ARE Your Distressed Property Solution

Let’s face it. Though there are still good people in the world, there are a lot of people out there that you just can’t trust. And, when you’re looking for a distressed property solution, the last thing that you need is someone who will lie, cheat, and steal from you. Most people who are looking to sell their land in order to generate cash to supply for other needs are already under a great deal of pressure. In lieu of what they are dealing with, they are glad to have found a possible solution to their problems with the selling of their unused, undeveloped land; however, they are unsure of how to do it, where to start, and who to do business with.

If you’re thinking about going to a real estate agent to list your land for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) System, you should weigh your options. On one hand, you should know that it isn’t very often that land sells very quickly in this way--and you need cash fast. Not only that but, you’d have to pay commission to your real estate agent. And don’t forget that you’d have to be caught up on property taxes and pay all liens that you may owe on the land. Yes, all of that would still be your responsibility.

On the other hand, you could sell your land to a private investor who is looking to pay you 5% to 20% of the market value of your land in cash... in about seven days time! The investor who is an expert at doing such a thing would be Lucas Properties, LLC. Lucas Properties LLC is a private investor that you can trust. We will review your information and offer you cash for your raw land. Not only that but, you will NOT have to pay commission to anyone, you will NOT have to pay property taxes or liens on the land, you will NOT have to pay closing costs, and you will NOT have to pay fees. It’s true! Go to the ‘We Buy Land’ tab and send in a request for a price quote for your land. All it takes is that first, simple step and you can have cash in your hand fast!

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