Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Determine the Value of Raw Land

Are you looking for some tips to determine the value of your raw land? Then, you have stumbled upon the right article. This article describes everything that you need to consider for determining the value of raw land. Here, we go:
1. The size of the site and its shape width, frontage and depth
2. Visibility for private or commercial influence
3. Plot-age assembled or combined parcels
4. Determine the surplus or deficit of the land
5. Determine the geography of the raw land with the help of analysis such as grading, natural drainage, soil usefulness, view and contours
6. Determine the attached utilities with the raw land such as water, sewers, natural gas, telephone, natural gas and cable
7. Find out the site improvements such as gutters, fences, walks, landscaping and irrigation
8. What are the accessibilities attached with the raw land? Accessibilities can be parking, streets, alleys, highways, roads and location
9. Analysis of environmental values such as air, rivers, streams, lakes, oceans, water supply and absence of hazardous materials.
Checklist of Raw Land
 You should get the most recent and valid information.
 Legal copy with the description of convents and restriction
 You need to find the street address, location and survey preliminary, map and report. You also need to get the land or aerial based photographs that can help you locate the fence line, roads, trails, ponds, streams and building locations.
 You need to walk the land to evaluate the signs of hazardous wastes burning, burying and dumping
 You also need to determine the zone of your raw land. Symbols can be used to determine the designate;
a. C – Commercial business
b. A1 – Agricultural with a family home
c. CO – Commercial Office place
d. FP – Flood plain
e. M – Industrial
f. R1 - Residential for a single family
g. R1H - Residential hill-side
h. R2 - Residential multifamily
i. RT - Recreational tourist or Residential transitional
 Confirm the ownership with the help of full name, phone number and address
 Annual tax analysis
Before buying or selling your raw land you need to consider the preceding things. This way, you can benefit from your raw land. This is one of the best ways to appraise your own land. However, if you don’t have the time, energy or know how to conduct your own appraisal and you need to sell your raw land fast for cash then don’t get worry about it. Distressed Property Solution will buy your raw land quickly and in cash; providing the best solution for your problem!

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