Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Should You Sell That Raw Land?

Okay, you decide to sell that raw acreage you’ve had for years, good deal! Get some cash and take that vacation or pay off some bills, either way, good move. Now you’re wondering in today’s market who would want to buy it and why, right?

We all know that land isn’t being made any more, right? We have what we have and there won’t be more built here on Earth. We also know that the United States expects the population to increase to over 82,000,000 more people by 2030. Those people will need places to live and work, attend school, shop and worship. Where is that land going to come from to have those things built? It will have to start with raw land, just like you own!

Believe it or not, even in today’s economy, there are developers with money and they are buying up land. These developers are the risk takers; they have visions of a future with houses, shopping centers and office buildings being built. They need raw land to put those visions to work though.

After you bought that raw land years ago and never took any action, you realize that you aren’t one of those risk takers, right? So why not do two people a favor and sell it? You’ll do yourself a favor by unloading a annual tax bill and monthly maintenance expenses. You’ll be doing a developer a favor by selling him the land for his visions to start taking shape.

You never know either, you could benefit from the shopping center he builds on that land you use to own too! Perhaps you’ll shop there, find your new favorite restaurant or even open your own shop there! You’ve always dreamed of having an antique store. With a new shopping center built from land you cashed in on, you can take your hobby into a business full time. So see, sell that land and it is a win-win for you and a developer!

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