Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Should I Buy Land?

That’s a very good question when it seems that right now, investors are backing away from land purchases. However, the funny thing is, right now is the time to buy land! The prices for land have pretty much leveled off unlike buying houses. That market is still shaky and unstable.
It really isn’t a joke you know. There really isn’t any more land being made. It will be just a matter of time before land recovers and returns back to its upward historical march. If you own land, that will be the part that you can get use to, when you own it, right? All the things that push land values up such as environmental laws, population growth, rising farm values and demographic migrations will keep land values going up. When was the last time you took a vacation, picnic or hike on the stock certificates or gold coins you own?
The price of land has dropped out in the countryside. Acreage is cheaper the further away from the city you get. When you buy land out, you can build a custom home to your own specifications, not having to worry about ordinances and restrictions. The cleaner air and wide open spaces are out there waiting for you. Find that spot on your vacant land that is wide open without trees that will shade that spot you want to build your house. What a perfect setting that will be so you can install solar panels and go with the green movement.
Make searching for land a fun adventure. That piece of land that is perfect for your future home may just be waiting to be cleared from jungle of brambles and weeds. Urban living often leaves people dreaming what it would be like to live on acreage. When you buy land as a plot of vacant land, you will know what it is like outside city limits in the wide open spaces! Take an adventure trip and find that piece of land to walk around. Smelling the fresh open air and hearing the quiet.

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