Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raw Land: Either Use It or Sell It

Almost as if it were a rite of passage, as a family becomes more financially stable, they consider buying extra land to serve some future purpose. Whether it is plans to retire or for a vacation retreat, the idea of owning land has forever been treasured as a sign of maturity and growth for couples everywhere. The trouble with the family led land dream is that families end up taking more time than there are hours in the day and that little piece of land often goes unused for years.
In other situations, raw land is passed down as an inheritance and while the receiver may want to keep it in the family, the thought of maintaining land is more work than pleasure. It could also be true that you live too far away from the property to even enjoy using it or have the funds to put up a structure and make the property equitable.
However you came upon raw land, if times have been financially hard lately, it may be time to put that land to good use. Due to job losses, interest rates increasing and just the general costs of living sky rocketing, more and more people are looking for ways to get money fast for survival. If you find yourself struggling to pay your monthly bills and thoughts of that upcoming property tax notice are only adding to the stress of the situation, then it is probably time to consider selling your raw land for cash.
Yes, the real estate market is in a slump for housing, but raw and vacant land is still selling! Yes, that raw, vacant land you own can bring you a nice chuck of change and fast.
You may be asking yourself, why sell it now? And wondering if you hold on to it, prices will go up and you can get more. That is true too, but that is likely the thinking that you had five years ago and you still haven’t sold it yet. So waiting isn’t getting you any closer to the money that you may need today. Also, if you hold on to it now, not only do you still have that maintenance to continue each month, but you also have that yearend tax bill coming too.
When you think you are down and out, don’t discount your raw land for fast cash. If you don’t have the money to build, don’t have the time to maintain and need cash now, sell your raw land and keep your personal economy moving.

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