Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When You Need Cash - Sell Your Land!

Are you looking for ways to make a hunk of money? Maybe you need to pay for your son’s college tuition or you are short on cash to buy Christmas gifts this year? Perhaps you’ve had a rough year or two and you and the spouse are ready to take a nice long trip, relax and enjoy the finer things that life has to offer?

Whatever your reason may be, when you just can’t find that extra cash anywhere else, consider selling the parcels of raw land you own and rarely use. If you are one of the many property owners that have acquired a piece of raw land over the years, but never had the time or money to do anything with it-it’s finally time for that land to do you some good. Even if you had a specific purpose for your raw land such as building a home or use it for family camping trips, if you haven’t put plans into action after the first 5 years, it is likely you never will.

After years and years of paying taxes and mowing your raw land, you haven’t gotten around to doing any of the things you had purchased the parcel for, but your raw land has been appreciating in value, or it was anyway. The past few years the real estate market has gone south, so maybe it’s not appreciating as much as you had thought it would. Even more reason to sell your land now when it can finally do some good for you.

After all, you need the cash and you aren’t using your raw land for anything but an annual tax bill and monthly upkeep expense. When you think it of it that way, you need more cash than you thought huh? So turn that raw land into something you can benefit from – sell it! There are investors out there looking for land just like yours and will pay you top dollar in cash.

Imagine, you have cash in hand and that dream of paying for your son’s college in full is a reality. Or taking that cruise and getting away from it all with just you and your honey. Or giving your family a Christmas to remember! Sell your raw land today!

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