Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why it is good to Sell Your House Today

The economy is starting to get back up again and mortgage companies have been less strict in their loan requirements. FHA has a ‘back to work’ program which allows boomerang buyers to be back in the market looking for a new house.
These mean that more buyers are now searching for new homes to acquire.

Given these circumstances, is now a good time to sell your house? It is difficult to predict the housing market. It is like predicting the stock sales. As a home owner who is trying to sell, the decision should be based on not just “When can I sell to get the most money?”

If you have moved out to a new home because of job relocation and your old home is just sitting vacant, then you will have to decide whether you can afford the maintenance costs of two houses or not. You can have it rented however if the revenue is not enough to cover the maintenance costs, then it may be wise to sell your house today.

Location, location, location. In real estate, this is one factor that is not time sensitive or bound to market conditions. It is true that real estate market is recovering in most areas; if you want to sell your house now, do a comparative market analysis in your area so you can position your house aggressively. If you price your house based on other locations’ market condition, you might overprice it. That is to say, a house in the farm land may cost less than a house in the heart of the city.

If you simply want to move on with your life, if you think that the new home will bring more happiness to your family, if the new home will bring in more revenue, then today is as good as any to sell your house.

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  1. Homestead road is very helpful to switch your mind to business once you decide to sell your house and think like a businessperson rather than the owner. Look at the deal from a financial perspective in order to capture the market price of the property and avoid attaching a lot of emotion and memories in the deal.