Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sell Your House During Winter

Seasoned agents and brokers know that winter is an off peak time for real estate business transactions. Historically, statistical data show that more houses are sold in the spring than in winter season. It seems like buyers are hibernating during winter and they all come out in search for a new house during spring.

For homeowners, holiday season is a frenzied time to show and sell a house. If you are one of the few who would like to sell during the off peak, there are distinctive advantages on this time. 

Staging for Snow

Use the festivities to your advantage. Although few greens can be seen during winter, you can still make your house look inviting by creating a warm ambiance. During showings, set the thermostat to a comfortable level, let the natural light come in by opening some blinds, stuff the chairs with snugly throw pillows, and seal any cracks.

Highlight Curb Appeal

It gets dark earlier during winter so leave the lights on when the sun sets in. So, when prospects show up, your house will appear bright and cheery. Emphasize the advantages such as your home is on street where it gets plowed for snow often or it is near to the road where kids don’t have to wait for the school bus in the cold. Let the buyers know the conveniences they will get should they choose to buy your house.

Take Note of the Small Inventory

The number of houses for sale during winter often shrinks. With fewer houses on the market, you can make yours very competitive. Review the market and list your home’s unbeatable features. Set the price aggressively, the first time.

It is also wise to note that lenders are tight during winter; this means that buyers with less than perfect rating will have a hard time finding a loan. You might want to keep this information in mind when you set the pricing.

There is one sure way to sell your house during winter; that is to sell your house to private investors. Lucas Properties is a private investor which buys houses with cash regardless of the season. Contact Lucas Properties today!

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