Sunday, April 28, 2013

Land Selling: Avoid These Common Mistakes

The need to get as much money as possible is a normal aspiration for every seller or property owner. However, a listing price which is too high is often one of the reasons why your property is not selling. To get the highest amount of money at the least time and cost, know the common mistakes committed by inexperienced sellers and strive to avoid them.

Inappropriate Pricing
Setting a very high price will discourage potential buyers to take a look at your listing. Most likely, they will go for another listing with similar features as yours but is considerably priced lower. Alternatively, setting the price too low will make you look desperate to get rid of your property. This will also create a negative impact as potential buyers will doubt your reasons for selling the property. Appropriate price should be within the fair market value.

Waiting for the Right Buyer
Sometimes, we tend to ignore the early buyers. We want the number of potential buyers to grow so we can pick the right buyer. Having this in mind, you will never know that the first buyer you reject is the one who is prepared to pay the highest price. If you’ve come across a buyer who is willing to pay your asking price and has the capacity to pay, do not look for another one. This buyer is perfect for as long as you’ve priced your land appropriately.

Failure to Showcase Your Property
You know your property better than anyone else. If you want your land to sell, you have to highlight its features and advantages over the others in your area. Let the buyers feel that your land is a good investment for their money.

Choosing the Wrong Way of Selling
There are many ways to sell your land. You can hire an agent, you can sell it in an auction, you can choose the for-sale-by-owner way, or you can sell it to a private investor. Each option has its own advantages. Choosing one over the other for the wrong reasons can lead to property selling below the market price or not selling at all. The certain way to get the highest returns at the least time is selling your land to a private investor. Lucas Properties, a private investor, is buying any types of land regardless of the season and your reasons for selling. Sell your land for cash with Lucas Properties.

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