Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Benefits of Selling Rental Properties to Private Investors

Property owners sell their rental properties for many reasons – they want to get rid of the property because of high maintenance, they will be relocating to another place, or they want to trade the property for cash. There are many ways to sell properties; you can sell them via the traditional way, you can sell them privately, you can auction the property, or you can sell them to private investors.

Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, however if you want to sell your rental property quickly you should sell it for cash. This has becoming a trend especially with today’s economy, many property owners are finding it difficult to find qualified buyers. That is why they turned to private investors because they have the funding to buy their property with cash.

Perhaps the major benefit of turning to private investors is sellers get to close the deal in a few days instead of weeks or even months. Private investors don’t have to wait for bank approval thus sellers don’t have to worry that their buyer will not qualify for a loan. Sellers also benefit from the private investor’s experience. Most private investors are knowledgeable about short sale and foreclosure. Short sales are complicated and property owners who need to obtain approval should find a buyer within a set period of time. This is where private investors can be of great advantage; because private investors have the knowledge and experience seller’s rate of success is increase dramatically.

Selling rental properties for cash eliminates the need to hire a broker, fixing the property for showings, wasting time for advertising thereby saving the sellers thousands of money in commission and service fees. Sellers who are looking for a reliable private investor who buys properties as is need to contact LucasProperties LLC. Lucas Properties offers hassle-free, no obligation cash offer for your land or rental property.

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