Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sell Your Home Privately to a Property Investor

Selling a house is generally a tough decision. It is even more difficult if you are in the middle of a financial crisis. More likely, you need to sell your house in the quickest time possible without having to spend any amount of money. If you are looking for an alternative way of selling your house without dealing with a real estate agent, then you have come to the right place. It is understandable that most home owners stay away from estate agents because of the high commission rate they asked from their clients. Surveys show that estate agents charge an average of 2% plus tax commission of the sale price; this a LOT of money. If you do away with estate agents, you could have earned more from the sale.
What some people failed to understand is that estate agents also used real estate websites, local listings, and social media to attract buyers for their portfolio. You can also do the same; you simply have to invest time and effort to list your home in all the free listings and classifieds that you can. Selling private can also be as simple as putting a For Sale signs in your window or pathway. Reach potential clients who do not have access to the internet by listing your property in the local papers, distribute flyers in local stores, talk to friends and ask for referrals.
If you want to sell your house quickly, then the easiest way is to sell it to a private property investor. Property investors are not estate agents therefore you don’t have to worry about paying the commission. They are organizations or individual who specialize in buying any types of properties and they pay with cash. There are many reputable property investors in the market and Lucas Properties LLC is one of them. Lucas Properties has a network of cash home buyers so you can be assured of a quick and easy sale.

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