Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Can I Find Buyer for My Land

Whether you are planning to sell a commercial land or residential land, finding a buyer on your own is not an easy task. Buyers are out there but it requires time, effort, and planning to round them up and keeping them in touch.

First thing to do is create a marketing plan for your property. Understand your property and prepare a list of information required for your marketing plans.

•    Are you selling a commercial land or a residential land?
•    If you have a residential land, does it have existing houses?
•    If you have a commercial land, what is it good for?
•    How big is your land?

These are just some of the questions you need to have answers for when you plan to sell your land. These will also help you determine which type of buyer you will be searching for. Typically, buyers have a focus area and will only buy properties within this area. So, if you have a residential land, your target buyers will be landlords. These are people who are looking to buy properties where they can build apartments for rent. Residential lands with existing apartments or houses are added benefits to these types of buyers.

List your property using its key features. Reach out to many prospects as much as you can by listing your property using different avenues. You can distribute flyers, ask for referral from friends and business associates, and place an ad in local and online classifieds. Read real estate magazines and listings; check out the part where you can see “Looking to buy apartments”, “Looking to buy land”, and the likes.

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