Friday, September 21, 2012

Cost-Effective Way of Selling Your Land

In the real estate world, latest reports show that buying a piece of land is up to 70% higher compared to the last 10 years. This situation affects both buyers and sellers alike. To buyers, this means it is more difficult to acquire a property without proper financial help. To sellers, this means it is more difficult to sell a property without reducing the cost. A number of vendors are therefore looking for alternatives to traditional ways of selling.
Agents’ or brokers’ fee remains the biggest factor of the increase in cost. The costs for selling a property include stamp duty, survey fees, removal costs, mortgage arrangement, agent fees and marketing. Agent fees take the biggest portion followed by marketing depending on how the vendors market his land. With the cost associated in completing what you considered as a close deal, the task of finding a serious buyer becomes more challenging.
It is no surprise that vendors have looked for alternative ways of marketing their property. As a land owner, you can opt to sell your property yourself and use the listing websites. In today’s technology, the Internet is obviously the best place for buyers to find a land to buy. To buyers, searching the internet is much more convenient than looking for properties by foot as it saves time and money. Land owners can take advantage of the situation.
Take photos of your property. The more photos – the better. If you can capture the buyers’ attention with vivid picture of your property then you have more chance of selling your land. Don’t forget the description. Tell buyers about your land and no details should be left untold. When you put your property in free listings, you have to know that you are joining hundreds of others who are just like you. So it is imperative that your property has left an impression to the buyer before he clicks on the next listing.
Another cost-effective way of selling your land is to sell it to a private land investor. This is better than putting your property in free listings and waiting for a buyer to come. Lucas Properties LLC is a private property investor who buys any types of properties with cash. They are not realtors so there will be no commissions and absolutely no fees. Contact Lucas Properties for a speedy and hassle-free sale.

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