Friday, August 24, 2012

Why Do You Need to Have an Open House?

After a few weeks of waiting for a serious buyer to come by without success, holding an open house might be a good idea. In real estate community, agents often argue whether it is a good idea to open a house for sale. Although some agents don’t hold open houses, there are advantages to open houses that a seller might want to consider.
Create an interest. A crowd attracts a crowd. One of the advantages of inviting potential buyers to an open house is that they will attract other interested buyers in the area and prompt them to take actions if they are interested in your property.
Manage your time. Most of the sellers who choose the FSBO route find the need to minimize the time spent on the sale of their home. Open houses provide the solution since not everyone has the time to keep their homes clean and presentable for the showing especially on weekdays. You can schedule an open house during week-ends so you can spend your time cleaning and preparing your home during early mornings and devote the afternoon hours on showing and talking to customers. Buyers shop on week-ends. You don’t have time for visitors during the weekdays and most likely homebuyers are also quite busy. Buyers spent what little time they have on weekdays searching for properties for sale and spend the week-ends visiting homes and open houses.
Some agents do not favor open houses for good reasons. There are many reasons why some houses are not just suited for an open house – bad weather discourages buyers to venture outside, home is not always presentable when buyers are available, agents carry multiple listings and can’t be in two places at the same time, and home is located in an area that is hard to find.
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