Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Basics of Selling Waterfront Properties

Waterfront properties cover lake, bay, and ocean-side homes. Typically, prospective buyers for this type of property are looking for a vacation home; a place to retire or a place to spend time away from the bustling city atmosphere. A waterfront house should present an environment for recreation and outdoor living such as having a backyard for barbecue, a boathouse, or a vegetable or flower garden.

If you are planning to sell your waterfront property you can maximize its market value by staging it. Buyers who are looking for a vacation house are expecting to have a comfortable place to stay. Revamp the property by fixing or replacing broken boards in the docks or shore front decks. Paint the whole area including the fences. Freshly painted fences and patios can do a great deal in making the property look clean and well-tended. Remove the weeds from the lawn and gardens. Water the plants daily and if you have a boathouse clean it too from inside out.

Another great way to stage the house is high-lighting the landscape. Make sure that the windows are clean so that prospects will have a clear view of the landscape. Set-up an outdoor living room and barbecue area. It is important that the buyers feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the view so they will be more encouraged to buy the property.

Staging the property is just a start. Once you have prepared your property for viewings, there is the matter of putting it up for sale. You can advertise the property by listing it in local newspaper and travel magazines, lifestyle and boathouses. Include high quality photos of the property in any listings and if possible make sure that the photos are taken on a bright day.

Staging and advertising the property may contribute to a successful sale however it can be time consuming and a bit expensive. If you want an easy way to sell your property without having to spend money for repairs, sell it to a private property investor such as Lucas Properties LLC. Lucas Properties buys any type of land or property in it’s as is condition providing a hassle-free sale.

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