Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Sell an Apartment

Selling an apartment is different from selling a home because you will be looking at a different type of buyers. When selling a home, your buyers will most likely be new couples or families. With an apartment, your buyers will most likely be single working individuals, students, or business persons. Regardless of the economic situations, there are still those who want to acquire new property such as apartments for sale.

Price your apartment accordingly. Oftentimes, property owner lost a sale because he is not willing to compromise the price. Although it is understandable that you would want to sell the property at the highest possible price, you should also consider having a lower profit margin. Most experts say that they are able to generate a large interest and end up getting what they wanted in less time by offering the property 2-3 percent the market value without losing the margin.

Sell with open house policy. It is very difficult to sell an apartment if you can only show it by appointment. Most buyers, when they are property hunting, will drop-by at any property for sale along their way. Apartments not available for showing are easily forgotten, simply because of the inconvenience having to make an appointment when buyers can go to the next available apartments.

List all the selling features of your apartment. Highlight the location of your apartment and its accessibility to public transport, malls, parks, and working areas. Catchy phrases such as “30 minute ride to the mall” or “spacious apartment near the park” will help attract more buyers. Fix problems that might turn buyers down such as worn out carpet, non-working water heater or aircon, scratches on the wall and broken flooring. You have to remember that these buyers are likely busy individuals who do not have time to repair the newly acquired property or senior citizens who do not want the higher maintenance of a home.

Get a good agent to help you sell for a fee. Or contact a private property investor to sell your apartment quickly. Most private property investor such as Lucas Property LLC will make a cash offer for your property allowing for a quick and hassle free sale. Lucas Properties will buy your property in its present condition so there’s no need for you spend more to stage your apartment.

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