Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Sell Farm Land

Selling farm land, like any real estate, involves the same strategies as when you are putting up your home or any commercial property for sale, but farm land by nature isn't as popular as a piece of land with a home or business. Fortunately, the advancement of the agricultural market a few years ago made the selling of farm lands a bit easier. You may have to choose between getting the highest possible price and selling it faster but if time is more important, then, setting the price low is the surest way to sell farm land quickly.

So, how do you sell farm land? Owners have the option to sell the land directly or list the property on the traditional market. Either way, the owner has to prepare the land for the sale. First thing to do is to clean the land. It has been noted that most buyers do not like to buy any type of property if they have to put a lot of work into it. Unkempt land and presence of junk depreciate its fair market value. Potential buyers would like to know what they are getting and it is good to help them visualize the boundaries of the land. You can pay for the survey or mark the boundaries yourself. Wooden posts at every corner of the land will help delineate the property.

Determine the price. In as much as you prefer not to shed cash, it is best to hire a reputable appraiser to determine how much your land and crop-producing capabilities are worth. Appraisal fee ranges between $200 and $500. Oftentimes, land owners who did not seek professional help made a mistake of setting a price which is either too high or too low. You have to remember that price is one major determining factor in selling your farmland quickly. You would want to set a price that would encourage buyers to check your land and at the same time earn cash from the sale.

Advertise. You can use land directories to advertise your land on a larger scale or you can put it up in an auction. Create a marketing plan with your auctioneer and showcase the crops which can be grown on your farm. While auction may yield a price below the market value, it can also result a purchase price above than you have expected if there is a fierce competition. Auction sale is unpredictable and may not be the best option.

Fortunately, for farm land owners, there is another way to sell their land quickly without advertising or auctioning their property. There are private land investors like Lucas Properties LLC which will buy any type of land in its “as is” condition. Owners do not have to clean or beautify their land so it will be quick and hassle free sale. Lucas Properties offers cash up to 25% of the market value so there is no need to set the price low. Contact Lucas Properties now and get more value with your farm land.

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