Monday, May 14, 2012

Sell Hunting Land without an Agent

Hunting land is a piece of property that is not developed. It generally covers forests, marshes, and grasslands. Selling hunting land is similar to selling any other piece of land however the potential buyers are mostly hunters or people who are into hunting game. If you have a piece of hunting land that you are considering selling, you can either hire a real estate agent who will market your land to potential customers and collect commission from the sale, you can advertise your property using other options with very little costs and wait years to make a sale or you can sell your hunting land fast for cash by contacting a private land investor.

There are a number of ways to advertise your hunting land to hunters. These methods do not have to be expensive or time consuming. First, gather all the information about your land like the amount of acres you want to sell, property landmarks, and the amount of land based on the latest market value. Take pictures of your land. Focus on the areas that excite buyers such as fall foliage, rivers, or lakes. Search for websites or magazines where you can list your property for free or at the least possible amount. It is good to include your property in all possible listing so you can have a wide target area; however, it is recommended to focus on property listings that offer your niche – hunting land. Visit Internet hunting forums and participate in relevant discussions. Once you’ve become a “trusted” member, most forums will allow you to post information about your land which is for sale. Always include a contact number or email for potential buyers to reach you. You can include the land details and contact info in your forum signature so every time you participate in a discussion these information will be visible to other members and visitors of the forum. Do not forget the word of mouth. This is often taken for granted but is perhaps the best way to advertise with no expense.

While selling land by owner is cost efficient, it may not be the best option due to the time and dedication it takes to meet your end goal. There are a lot of potential issues that could arise. If you don’t have the experience in negotiating a deal with potential buyers, you might end up getting less than what your land is worth. To get the most of what your land is worth, you can contact Lucas PropertiesLLC. They buy any type of land providing you with the opportunity to earn cash quickly and hassle-free.

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