Saturday, May 5, 2012

For Sale by Owner: What are the Necessary Documents?

The most important thing to consider for the majority of home sellers is whether they can sell their home by themselves or whether they need a costly real estate agent to process the sale. There will be advantages and complications for each choice. If you choose to sell your home by yourself, you will get more of the sale from your home because you don’t have commissions to pay. The setback is if you sell your home on your own you will be accountable for finding out and following all the steps and requirements associated with selling a property.

Probably one of the most intimidating reasons for selling your home independently is the paperwork. You might just find yourself asking if you have the appropriate documents much needed for selling your own home. Apart from the real estate forms that pertain to the actual sale, there are other papers you need to secure. These documents are required even before you decide to put your house available for sale. These documents are:

Financial records – Show this to the buyers so they would be fully aware of the pending obligations for the property. This also serves to verify the fact that the property is under your name which means you are authorized to sell it.

Legal Property Description - the legal profile of your estate is disclosed on certificates of titles, warranties, and even quick claim deeds. In any situations where your property is mortgaged and now you have given up the original sets to the bank, you need to have photocopies on file.

Seller’s Disclosure – This is a list of all the fixtures in your home. You can have check boxes indicating the status of each item such as functional, not functional, and not available (in case you are taking it with you). You can consult a professional if you are not sure whether the item is still working or not.

Home-owner’s By-Laws – (if applicable) If you live in a subdivision which is ruled by a home-owner’s association, a copy of the by-laws should be shown to potential buyers.

In case you are unconvinced concerning what other documents you have to bring out or prepare for, you're free to meet with a pricey real estate agent or you can simply consult Lucas Properties LLC. With Lucas Properties LLC, you can sellyour home without having to prepare any of these documents. They will simply give you cash for your home.

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