Monday, January 23, 2012

Use Your Land for the Good of Others

Despite the melancholy and shocking news reports that headline the newspapers or anchor the evening television commentary, there are still good people in the world. Amazingly, some of the most philanthropic and giving people in the world may not have much money to give. And while they, instead, are giving of their time, their energy, and their love, they still have other high hopes to make monetary donations where people actually need money to accomplish a goal. They’d like the added fulfillment of buying winter coats and school clothes for less fortunate children, or purchasing a family automobile for the young mother who pushes her baby in a stroller two miles back and forth to the grocery store every week.
In a world like this, where there are some who overlook the welfare of others, it’s more important than ever to assess what in life is most valuable. It’s time to evaluate just how we can make a significant difference in the life of someone who needs a helping hand. After all, every decision that we make can potentially take a life—even, an entire family—down a path opposite of what they might be experiencing. A path where there is no lack, no poverty, and no depression. Here are a few suggestions on how to promote positive change in someone else’s life and, too, eliminate another sad story from the news reports.

Let go of unused property. If you’re the owner of raw land in inner city, suburban, or rural cities, consider whether you’d like to do one of two things. Consider that you can donate your unused, undeveloped land (including vacant lots) towards playground or sports field development for minor aged children. Or, consider that you can sell your land to a private land investor who will grant you a quick cash closing so that you can make a quick cash donation to a public school in the area that needs renovating*.

Pass on your material belongings. If you have a garage full of unused clothing, bicycles or household items, consider donating these things to a charitable donation or to particular people in need.
Look for ways to display kindness. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog when you walk yours. Buy your co-worker lunch in the work cafĂ©. Or, help someone with their groceries. Display a random act of kindness. You never know, yours might be the only genuine smile that someone else has seen in a long time!
*For further information on how to sell your raw land and waterfront parcels to a land investor, contact Lucas Properties LLC via the We Buy Land tab or at 877-625-1020.

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