Monday, January 9, 2012

Too Busy for Your Inheritance? Try this Distressed Property Solution

It’s official. Your selfless and caring aunt has bestowed an inheritance upon you; massive pieces of farmland in a small agricultural town 87 miles away from your home. You’re extremely touched, you feel extremely loved, and yet… you have no idea what to do with any of it. How are you supposed to manage it? Who is supposed to take care of it? You can hardly imagine that it’s really your responsibility now. Between your spouse and the kids, work, household responsibilities, and the ‘me time’ that you’ve been trying to carve out for the last three years, this land might grow into a forest by the time you’re able to travel to see it.

Hope as you might, it just seems that Aunt Beth’s dreams of grandeur for flourishing corn fields and crops just don’t quite fit into your lifestyle. In fact, what would fit into your lifestyle is if you could turn potential vegetables into cash without all of the hard work; especially, since your dreams are more in favor of starting a savings account for your toddler, buying your teen an automobile (that would certainly cut back on your chauffeuring duties), or making sure that your college bound kid won’t have to work a job while diligently studying his coursework (keep your future doctor focused on those medical books!).

So, considering that you’ve very little room in your life leftover for a farming adventure, you also might not have time to spend with a real estate agent who would focus on selling your land on the MLS. With that in mind, contacting a private land investor who will assess your land and bypassing the waiting game that is the real estate market could be the best option for you. If you’re interested in finding out how you can sell your land within one week’s time, Lucas Properties, LLC is an expert land investor who can give you answers to your questions. Lucas Properties has helped many people with similar distressed property issues while helping them to understand the benefits of making a raw land sale via this method. Such benefits include the absence of closing costs and fees, the expert completion of land transfer and sale finalization, the payment of back property taxes and liens on the seller’s behalf, and a real cash payment.

So, don’t fret any longer over acres that you may never set foot on. Instead, put that energy where you really want to put it—into caring for your children and their future. In fact, you should consider putting some of that energy into the quiet time that you might find to tell them about your favorite memories of your loving aunt.

Lucas Properties, LLC can be contacted via a contact form at or at 877-625-1020.

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