Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Giving Time Again

Yes! It’s that time of season again when most people give more of themselves than they have all year long. Whether it’s the giving of time and attention, energy and help, or food and money, giving is the greatest feeling and the greatest gift that one can give to another. If you have high hopes of giving more than you ever have before but find that the report of your finances just isn’t as big as your heart is, you can consider selling your raw land or waterfront property to increase your cash flow; typically, this is ideal if you are not using and don’t have plans to develop your land.

While there are lots of people looking for their next home before the temperatures drop or the snow starts to fall, there are also land investors who are in search of land to purchase. Land investors develop or provide developers with raw land when they are looking to build community based businesses and residential housing in neighborhoods all across America. Because this is important to so many communities, the negotiation and selling process is made to be very simple. At your inquiry, a private land investor will offer you a 5% to 25% cash payment in comparison to the fair market value of your land. Normally, closing will take place in seven days or less. And, too, your debts in the form of liens and back property taxes will be paid on your behalf with the final sale.

So, consider whether or not this choice will be a good fit for you. If you determine that it is, fill out the informational form under the We Buy Land tab and someone will contact you with further information. In the meantime, know that your giving spirit is so beneficial to others and, surely, you’ll reap the good benefits of having a good heart!

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