Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Sell Your Land Yourself

The average person wouldn’t normally think of an athletic field, parade grounds or fairgrounds to be valuable parcels of land that hold monetary value or profit. Usually overshadowing that fact are the jumping cheerleaders waving shimmering pom-poms, the skilled sound of band instruments, or the refreshments stand. But, after the festivities are over—when the crowd has cleared and the excitement is yesterday’s memory—what is left is not desolate space but is treasure that can, potentially, become tangible and lucrative. So, if you’re the individual owner or are part of a collection of owners who can legally lay claim to a local baseball field, rarely used local park grounds, or any parcel of land that you’re looking to sell, here are a few basic tips on how to sell your land on your own.
Evaluate Your Perspective

Selling larger pieces of land can be just as easy as selling smaller pieces of land. Choose not to be intimidated as you consider the number of potential buyers who are interested in the type of land that you’re selling. Remember that nothing is impossible and starting out with a positive outlook can carry you all the way to a successful sale.

Choose Your Selling Method

In today’s market, there are two distinctive and popular methods in which to sell your land without a real estate agent. The first method is called ‘For Sale by Owner’ or FSBO by which you evaluate the pricing for which other land has sold in the area, set the specific sale price for your land, and advertise its availability for sale on your own terms. The second method includes hiring a private land investor who will assess your land and offer you a percentage of its fair market value for a guaranteed quick cash sale. (For further information on land sales to a private land investor, please contact Lucas Properties, LLC for monetary and title exchange details).
Consider Offering Financing

Of the difficulties that are common among buyers looking to purchase parcels of land, the inability to obtain sufficient financing is one. If you are able to offer financing with the terms of little or no down payment, you can enlarge your pool of potential buyers.

Remember that selling your land on your own is an excellent way to gain additional experience in the field of real estate and, too, can prove to be a money saving endeavor. Void of the normal fees and commission that would be paid to a real estate agent’s listing and selling services, it’s becoming a precedent and a trend where the participants are succeeding. And, if others can succeed… so can you!

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