Friday, September 23, 2011

School Supplies, Field Trips, and Selling Your Land

The Fall Season brings a fresh new perspective on change. With its cozy, cuddly weather and beautiful scenery, the feeling of starting anew exists not only in the change of the atmosphere but in the chance for your kids to enjoy school better than ever before. By now, most parents across the country have received the much anticipated school supply lists distributed by preschool teachers, approved by elementary school principles, and voted on by high school boards of education. And, not to forget, the mandatory college bookstore shopping trip that nearly every professor demands.

With backpacks in tow from just a few full days of school, your excited child may have already brought home the school agenda for the year’s field trips, dances, sports and after school clubs. And, in turn, you may have already devised a master plan to keep the whole family well-rested, well-fed, and well-organized in spite of it all. However, now you might find that you need a master plan to keep the gas tank filled in route to every soccer practice and the funds available for all of the cheer wear that the coach requires your daughter to twirl and somersault in at the big games—skirts, skorts, shorts and pom poms are all needed!

Well, keeping up with the Jones’ (or the cheerleaders) is easier to accomplish than you think. You see, most people think of selling their land as a distressed property solution; however, it can also be used as a means to profit and gain extra cash for foreseen necessities and activities. With the opportunity to accept an offer from a private land investor given for your unused land, you could potentially open up a door of freedom from the things you thought would financially strap you this school year. When you sell your land to a land investor, you cut the time that you have to wait for a potential buyer from the MLS to become interested in your land down to seven days. That’s because, upon accepting an offer, you would actually close on the sale of your property in seven days! Additionally, any liens or property taxes that were your debt will be paid for on your behalf. And, too, transferring your land title will be done and filed promptly and accurately by the land investor. With a hassle free negotiation process, an expert dotting all of the I’s and crossing all of the T’s, and quick cash in your hand, chances are you could be the happiest parent at the upcoming PTA meeting!

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