Saturday, August 6, 2011

Medical Expenses Piling Up? Sell Your Land for Cash!

Believe it or not, there are people who avoid the doctor’s office like it’s the plague. If they, somehow, manage to talk themselves into making the appointments that they so desperately need but so desperately try to avoid, it’s the appointment reminders that will send them into a state of dread and discontent. Well, what are they dreading? And what makes them discontent? It isn’t the smiling receptionist or the doctor with the incredible bedside manner that causes them to want to make a bee line towards the nearest exit. More than likely, it’s the co-pays, the cost of prescriptions and those extra little medical expenses that make them want to run, run, and run in the opposite direction! No one likes to be in debt. But with health insurance companies making changes to policies that don’t always necessarily favor the pocket books of many people, more and more patients are ignoring or living with their ailments for too long just to avoid out-of-pocket expense. And that just shouldn’t be.

Fortunately, some of those same people (perhaps, even, you) who are overwhelmed by a stack of medical bills (real or potential) from routine check-ups and unexpected sicknesses are, also, the owners of unused, undeveloped city, suburban or rural land. From vacant city lots to beach front properties void of established homes, there are many people who are rich in the assets of square footage and soil.

It’s quite easy to cash in on those assets if you know where to turn. A private land investor is an expert in the field of assessing and negotiating the sale of raw land. Equipped with the knowledge necessary to complete paperwork and tie up loose ends, investors like this are able to eliminate the hassles that sellers usually encounter with this type of sale. If you’re interested in selling your land to a private land investor, keep in mind that you will not receive the full value of your land. Generally, 5% to 25% of the fair market value of your land will be paid to you in cash within seven day’s time. Additionally, your liens, property taxes, closing costs and other expenses will be paid on your behalf—you would be completely free from the money that you owed or would owe on the land. And that’s great news if you don’t plan to develop your raw land and have no interest in using it. The cash that you receive ‘sooner than later’ from a raw land sale versus an MLS sale can help you to pay down or pay off your medical expenses NOW.

For more information about selling your land for fast cash, please contact Lucas Properties LLC. You can receive a ‘no obligations’ offer for your land.

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